Serge J. Bernard, a.g., P.Eng., PEILS

Serge Bernard


Former Chief Surveyor duly appointed under the Prince Edward Island Land Survey Act (1995-2009), sole practitioner. I have a passion for property and boundary law, a profound respect for property owners and their land, and compassion for people faced with boundary uncertainties. 

Over 20 years of experience in providing professional expertise, courteous service, and delivering dedicated personal attention to every aspect of my practice. It all begins with determining the exact position of the subject property boundary in its most defensible location at law. 

As a sole practitioner, I focus on every aspect of my profession including research, fieldwork, assessment of all types of boundary evidence, and the preparation of survey plans and expert reports that memorialize evidence-based and authoritative findings with utmost impartiality. 

My practice is primarily focused on boundary issues, historical land and public road tenure in the Maritimes and, in particular, on Prince Edward Island, and the resolution of boundary uncertainties throughout Canada. I have been qualified to provide expert testimony in legal proceedings, served at various levels within professional associations, and pursue an active continued professional development program.